How My Chuck It Dog Toys Saves Me Time

It’s also great for sharpening their cognitive functioning, making them better-rounded hounds. The rubber nature of the KONG Extreme gives it amazing bounce that other toy balls simply cannot replicate.

The snake has a slot which can be filled with dry or wet treats to keep your pooch busy for hours. The bright blue and orange ball is easily spotted during outdoor play. Super tough dog balls that should stand the chew test.

Arguably the most well-known dog toy, chances are if you’ve spent any time around a dog, you’ve encountered the Chuckit Launcher. For dogs with high energy and fetch drives, these launchers are fantastic. Thanks to the property of leverage, you can launch balls for your dog over some tremendous distances. To get kibble or treats out, she has to roll the ball or pick it up in her mouth and throw it. We can easily adjust the opening of the interior compartment to dispense less readily if she’s up for the challenge (or go in the other direction if she’s not). She loves this toy so much, she prefers eating her meals from it rather than from her bowl. This ball is also one of the longest-lasting dog toys we’ve owned; it gets a beating but has stood up to more than four years of near-daily use.

Forming the case of the tennis ball is a larger sphere that comes with an integrated handle on opposite poles of the sphere. The handles are oriented in such a way that they form a cross when seen from above.

We don’t quite know how to explain the draw of these hedgehogs . We’re not sure, but our pups areobsessedwith these Hedgehogz.

Chuck It: In 5 Easy Steps

And, they still have the tennis ball fuzz that can be peeled off. TheNerf UltraPlush Trackshot, on the other hand, was much less suitable. At 4½ inches, these are too large for small dogs and more expensive than most other balls we reviewed. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that these are bad dog tennis balls. Some put up a great fight and were only just edged out by our top picks. However, based on our testing, we see little reason to choose these over our recommendations above.

It is also soft and cuddly, so when they are done playing your Lab can happily curl up next to it in bed. However, it can be pretty frustrating to buy them a lovely new soft toy only to find it in pieces mere minutes later. Fortunately, there are some options depending upon how ferociously your Lab likes to play with his cuddles. Brilliant for playing tug with your dog, or for two dogs to tug together. Labradors love carrying things in their mouths, and many of them extend this to games of tug. If your Lab loves pulling on the other end of your tea towel when you pick it up, then he will probably enjoy playing with a specially designed tugging toy instead. This toy is specifically designed for enthusiastic chewers.

Every Labrador (or Labrador-sized dog) I know has a Chuckit and a collection of these durable rubber balls, and Reggie goes nuts for the petite version. Unlike tennis balls, there’s no felt for dogs to tear off and eat and you can easily rinse off dirt and slobber. This is currently one of the highest-rated and most purchased toys on For everyone who just loves a good game of fetch with their dog, this ball has some great benefits a regular tennis ball can’t offer. Of course, we have to start with the Chuckit Launcher.

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But after 100+ hours of testing, we narrowed down the competition to 6 winners – each unique in their own way. Certain brands go a step further and offer specialized features that enhance the game of fetch.

Trust Cath Kidson to create a chic dog toy too – the 100 per cent cotton toy won’t be an eyesore around the house. The Rosewood Mr Twister mouse toy offers great value, fun and durability – the perfect recipe for a great playtime with your dog. Multi-textured with a squeaker inside, this one is great for banishing boredom. The durable tire chew is uniquely shaped to be super tough and give your pup the ultimate chewing experience. As a bonus, you can even fill the walls with treats to extend play. For those who swear their dogs chew through every single toy, the Goughnuts ring is the way to go. When in doubt, your avid chewer will love gnawing down on a real deer antler.

Flying Squirrel features a unique design that elevates it above other frisbees on the market. While almost every toy can be used for training purposes, some toys have been designed explicitly as training tools for your dog.

Don’t get me wrong… Jasmine ordinarily wheezes through her mouth when sitting still. But with a ball in her mouth, it sounded chuck it dog toys exceptionally strained. If you have a squashed-face dog, such as a Pekingese or French Bulldog, you might notice the same.

It can be hard to find a dog toy made for aggressive chewers that actually stands up to the abuse. This can end up costing you additional money in buying more toys that they just keep tearing through.